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Welcome to my Virtual Art Gallery!! To keep things simple I have divided up my artwork in a number of categories. 



These pieces are a mix of fun found objects and recycled watch pieces in an eclectic piece of wearable art. Each piece is unique as no two are ever the same.

The Copper Tree 


The Tree with its roots extending to the lower world and its branches reaching the upper world connects us with the power of the heavens, the elements and to each other.


Each Copper Tree is handmade with love from recycled copper and gemstones.


Mixed MediA 

This category covers all the other projects I like to take on. As an admitted pack rat and collector I come across all kinds of things and you never know what they will be turned into! From wall art to paper mache sculptures and really anything in between you just never know what may pop up!


Custom  Orders 


I love the challenge of making something unique just for you! This album is to show off some of my favourite custom orders. Perhaps you'll be inspired to have a custom piece made for you.  

I have amazing customers! Thank you for the love and support!!  

Raw Copper


Charms, necklaces, and rings all made from recycled copper.

Why do I call them Raw Copper? Actually, that one is simple...

The recycled copper wire is not treated, coated or sealed allowing the copper to do what copper does...patina.  




Mushroom & Crystal Gardens

I have always been fascinated by mushrooms!!

Mushrooms individually handcrafted from clay and delicately planted amongst quartz crystals, collected moss and stone.

Each one a window into a unique magical realm. And oh yes...glow in the dark!






ROAR by Rex takes me on many adventures and I meet the most amazing people. This Gallery will always be changing as I share pictures from my travels and adventures. Enjoy! :)

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