The Copper Tree Mini Necklace

"The Tree with its roots extending to the lower world and its branches reaching the upper world connect us with the power of the heavens, the elements and to each other." Celtic Wisdom  


Buy a Tree Necklace and Plant a Tree!! Thanks to our new partnership with One Tree Planted!! 


Each Copper Tree is handcrafted with love from recycled copper wire and gemstones. The pendant is on an 18-inch brown faux suede cord with a copper lobster clasp. If you would like a longer or shorter cord for your necklace please leave instructions in the comment box before checking out. 



· Amethyst: Passion & Protection

· Aventurine: Calm & Comfort

· Carnelian: Vitality & Motivation 

· Chakra: 7 Chakra Stones (clear quartz, amethyst, aquamarine, peridot, citrine, carnelian and garnet)  

· Jasper: Tranquility & Wholeness 

· Malachite: Adventure & Growth

· Moonstone: Intuition & Imagination 

· Moss Agate: Reconnect with Nature 

· Rose Quartz: Love & Peace 


Materials include:

· Recycled copper wire

· Semi-precious gemstone chips

· Faux suede microfiber necklace cord

· Copper lobster clasp



The mini pendant is about 1 inche in diameter. The necklace is an 18-inch brown faux suede cord.

You are not purchasing the exact piece shown in the pictures. If you would like to see pictures of the specific necklace or have a custom piece made for you send an email to


Thank you for looking!

The Copper Tree Mini Necklace

  • My copper work is left untreated as part of my attraction to copper comes from its ability to constantly change in colour and appearance.  A second reason has to do with the number of people I have meet who swear by the healing properties of wearing copper, a benefit you cannot receive if the metal has been treated and sealed.