The Archer Necklace

In Greek mythology Artemis is the Goddess of the wilderness and of the hunt. She was revered for her hunting skills, especially by bow and arrow, and aim that never missed her target. She is strong, determined and focused. Just like you are!!


The Archer charm is made out of recycled copper wire, collected, cleaned, and crafted. It is on a 24-inch brown faux suede cord with a copper lobster clasp. If you would like a longer or shorter cord for your necklace please leave instructions in the comment box before checking out.


Materials include:

· Recycled copper wire

· copper  arrow charm

· Faux suede microfiber necklace cord

· Copper lobster clasp, jump rings and extender chain



The bow is approximately 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. Each one is handmade and therefore varies slightly in size and shape. The arrow is 2 1/4 inches long. Each pendant is on a 24 inch brown faux suede cord.


If you would like to have a custom piece made for you send an email to


Thank you for looking!

The Archer Necklace

  • My copper work is left untreated as part of my attraction to copper comes from its ability to constantly change in colour and appearance.  Everything in life is constantly changing, why shouldn't your jewelry refelect that? If you want to keep in bright and shiny copper is very easy to clean. 


    Click here to go to my blog on How to care for your copper for easy to follow instructions.