Lake Huron Orgonite Pyramids

Lake Huron Orgonite Pyramids made from elements of the lake to appear as if it was literally plucked from the shoreline to bring both strength and tranquillity. 


More about Orgonite Orgonite is a resin composite that contains crystals and metals layered in a specific pattern. They are renowned for their ability to convert negative energy into positive energy to balance the spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies. Think of an orgonite pyramid or charm like a filter for toxic energy in your surroundings. They do not eliminate the electromagnetic energy; instead, they reorganize the pattern of the energy to one that is harmonized for the human body.


Here are a few healing benefits of Orgonite:

Neutralizes EMF radiation

Relieves stress

Purifies the living area

detoxifies water

Clears negative energy

Great for mediation work

Excellent device for balancing the energy bodies

Protects and strengthens your aura


On a personal note: I’m not here to tell you that Orgonite is a cure-all or should in any way replace medical advice. I will say though if you are someone drawn to nature, connected to crystals and something about these pyramids or charms call to you...then what’s the harm! My personal spiritual practice has always been to follow my intuition…orgonite was something that spoke to me, and I love creating them from the stones and metal that weren’t right for jewelry making…but still were very magical


Materials include:

  • Resin Lake Huron Sand and Shells
  • Labradorite Gemstones
  • Gold leaf
  • Recycled copper wire



Medium: Approximately 2-inch x 2-inch base 2 inches tall Large: Approximately 2.5-inch x 2.5-inch base 2.5 inches tall.


You are not purchasing the exact piece shown in the pictures. These are provided as examples. Yours will be chosen intuitively. If you would like to see more pictures or have a custom piece made for you send an email to Thank you for looking!

Lake Huron Orgonite Pyramids