Forest Bundles+ Charm

Forest Bundles: Full Moon Trail


Forest bundles, smudge sticks, smoke wands, these can go by many names but as I forage most of my materials from the woods the name forest bundle just seems right. Each bundle comes with a small beeswaxed sealed bottle charm that holds all the forest bundle ingredients for a small keepsake once the bundle is burned.


Made from cedar and juniper foraged under the November full moon, lavender from my fairy garden and adorn with selenite.


Cleansing your space with smoke can help move out that old stagnant energy. I often smudge before friends and family visit, after a long day of work or when things are simply feeling a little off in my home…(like after an argument or just a bad day for example…move that negative energy out!)



  • Juniper symbolizes resilience, strength, and protection.
  • Cedar attracts good spirits and can chase away negative energies
  • Lavender represents purity, silence, grace, and calmness
  • Selenite brings clarity and peacefulness. It is an ancient stone that is said to inhabit a place between light and matter.


Please remember to remove the selenite and faux suede cord from the bundle before lightening your forest bundle.  

Thank you for looking!

Forest Bundles+ Charm

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