Crystalized Skulls

One of my favourite things to do is wander the woods and find treasures! Mushrooms, stones, feathers, and oh yes skulls and bones.


These skulls were found in the forest near where I live, cleaned, and mounted for display. Quartz crystal appears to be growing from the skulls themselves creating something beautiful and magical. They have been sealed in resin to protect and are ready to hang on the wall or sit on your oddity shelf...what you don't have an oddity collection?? Well, you can start one! :)


Only 2 of these to choose from. The first I believe is a raccoon skull the second muskrat.  (Based on my knowledge of bones from my own oddity collection, but I may be wrong.) I do promise these bones were found and no animals will ever be harmed in the making of my creations.       


Materials include:

  • Found and cleaned animal skull
  • natural quartz points 
  • Resin



The Muskrat is on a wood base 3.25 x 5.25 inches 

The Racoon is on a wood base 4 x 6 inches


You are purchasing the exact piece shown in the pictures. If you would like to see more pictures or have a custom piece made just for you please send an email to


Thank you for looking!

Crystalized Skulls