Coffin Trinket Boxes

Collected from the crypt these dark marble fluid art coffins hide a seasonal clour explosion on the inside with an errie glow under black light. A small copper chain allows you to display the box open to show of your treasures or latch it closed to hide them away...or bury!? Hey no judgement here!! :)


Hand painted boxes with dark "marble" fluid art on the outside and coloured fluid art sealed in resin on the inside. The inside reacts to black light to add another magical touch.


Size: The coffins are approximatly 15.5 cm long, 8cm wide and 4 cm tall. (They are almost the same size as my cell phone actually!!)


Pictures depict the actual piece(s) you are ordering. Colour may vary slightly from photo. All effort was made to best capture the "glow effect"


Thank you for looking!!

Coffin Trinket Boxes