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Workshops: WAND MAKING

Workshops are back and I am soooo excited to kick things off with this fun Wand Making workshop with a Beltane Twist!!

All the Details

Wand Making Workshop hosted by ROAR by Rex at the Creative Collective in Kincardine $65 per person.

Payment must be made in advance to save your place

This is the first time I am running this workshop at a brand new location and I’m super excited!

Whether used to gift to someone, meditate, direct energy or simply decorate your alter, wands are a very old tradition.

Don't be spooked! This isn't "dark magic" or anything of the sort.

Wands are used for a variety of things, just like crystals or other alternative therapies using energy.

This workshop will focus on spring vibes, Beltane and the Fae. Beltane holds a special place in my heart as it was a Beltane ceremony I first experienced a group ritual and was finally comfortable sharing my very personal practice.

Everything during this workshop will be provided to assemble and decorate your very own wand including:

- Choosing your branch (branches will be provided along with instructions to find your own) - Shaping - Decorating (Moss/leaves, trinkets, crystals, ribbon, twine etc. All will be provided but you're welcome to bring your own as well) - Finishing.

You may also want to bring a favourite teacup along to enjoy some herbal Chaga tea as we create…and isn’t tea and coffee always better from your favourite mug!?

If you are interested in the class or have any questions please feel free to msg me here or send an email to

Some Inspiration from the very first time I hosted this workshop

Please join me for this fun, magical and creative night. xoxo Rex

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