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Caring for Your Copper

Cleaning Copper

To bring back the shine and luster of a brand new piece use one of the following methods:

Rings and Charms

For rings and simple copper charms, you can use a polishing cloth and gently polish. Though not recommended for anything wire wrapped.

Wire Wrapped

Wash copper piece in a small bath of lemon juice, water, and salt. I’ve been asked specifically how much of each ingredient is needed but honestly, it is not an exact science. Use about equal parts lemon juice and water leaving just enough liquid to cover the piece you are cleaning, and then a few shakes from the salt shaker.

Submerge the copper and simply swirl the lemon mixture around until the copper is bright again.

You must rinse the piece under tap water to neutralize the acid in the lemon juice.

Pat dry with a soft cloth and ta-da…bright and shiny like a new copper penny.

NOTE: I don't suggest using a cream or anything you need to rub into the copper to clean it as the rubbing action may disturber the wire and could misshape or ruin your pendant.

To keep your Archer Necklace bright and shiny follow the instructions above
Archer Necklace

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