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Welcome to my Virtual Art Gallery!! Here you can see more of my creations and find out a little more about them.

Amethyst Copper Tree is defiantly a favo

Copper Tree

The first design

that started it all.

Time is only a human construct...but it

Gears, Cogs & Keys

From antique watch parts and found objects to wearable art.


ROAR Vault

Handcrafted mushroom worlds you can hold in your hands.

Copper Moon Necklace in Aquamarine. The

Copper Moon

Make this your own.

Add the content you want.

Forest crystal 4 002.jpg

Alchemy Magic!

Copper and gemstone 

wearable magic. 

Custom family tree handmade by ROAR by R

Custom Orders

Something Unique made just for you...well them.

ROAR by Rex Archer-001.jpg

Simply Copper

Simple yet beautiful designs

from recycled copper.

New Mushroom Vial Necklaces 3.jpg

Mushroom Gardens

Handcrafted mushroom worlds you can hold in your hands.


ROAR by Rex takes me on many adventures and I meet the most amazing people. This Gallery will always be changing as I share pictures from my travels and adventures. Enjoy! :)

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